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We work extremely hard to provide you with the best quality candidates through :

  • High quality SEO practices
  • Simple and quick candidate registration process
  • Highly effective online marketing for your jobs
  • Presence at all major industry exhibitions

New candidates per month

We are the fastest growing job site in the oil and gas industry. Last month, 22,297 new candidates registered their CVs with us. In addition to this 21,082 candidates updated their CV and/or profile.

Candidate geography

See where our 2,136,766+ candidates are located.

World Map
North America 29%
South America 1%
Europe 17%
CIS 1%
Africa 7%
Middle East 17%
Asia / Pacific 27%

Candidate growth Candidate growth.

Our candidate database has grown from 1,879,289 to 2,136,766 in the last 18 months.

There has also been a lot of investment in marketing the site and the volume and quality of candidates has improved tenfold.
Marlon Atreides
Power & Energy Team Leader
Randstad MENA
Marlon Atreides
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Candidate insights Candidate insights.

Want to know how many candidates we have for your next role?

Top candidate job titles Top candidate job titles

project manager
mechanical engineer
electrical engineer
project engineer
document controller
civil engineer
safety officer
process engineer
instrument technician
mechanical technician
Our clients' projects are worldwide and in our experience OGJS have a high calibre of candidates right across the Oil and Gas disciplines on a global scale and that has assisted us greatly with fulfilling requirements.
Kieran McCullough
Recruitment Director
KMC International Resources
Kieran McCullough
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All jobs on are exposed to our ever-growing database of 2,136,766+ candidates.

  • 218,806 job applications last month
  • Average number of applications per job is 9.
  • Top job last month had 714 applications
  • Over 650,000+ job alert emails sent to candidates each month

Job applications per month

Our high quality candidate database provides high calibre applications; 218,806 last month.

Average number of applications per job

The average number of high quality applications last month was 9.

Job geography

See where last month's 69,984 jobs were dispersed.

World Map
North America 22%
South America 1%
Europe 62%
CIS 1%
Africa 1%
Middle East 6%
Asia / Pacific 6%

Our continuous improvements to our site help drive greater numbers of top quality candidates.

  • Last month we logged :
    • 4,228,351 page views
    • 506,146 visits

Page views Page views

Visits Visits

Traffic geography

World Map
North America 18%
South America 1%
Europe 26%
CIS 2%
Africa 7%
Middle East 19%
Asia / Pacific 24%