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Brunel Energy Holding BV

Why Brunel?

Industry leaders need the best expertise; top candidates need their dream job. Brunel brings them together so that both succeed.

Brunel understands what you need to maintain, expand, change or move your business. We find you the right people for the right job at the right time, ensuring excellence at every location, job and scale.

Our services

Understanding people is our business

We focus on meeting your needs and empowering the individuals in our workforce. In our pursuit of the best solution, we begin with each person’s personal drive and entrepreneurial spirit.

We are matchmakers

We match the right individual to the right position to ensure success, both on a personal and project level. We consistently apply what we know to embed new skills, scale operations or provide the right solution. For Brunel, client challenges are an opportunity to inspire personal growth.

We understand your needs

In times of change and transition, companies often discover that something is temporarily or strategically missing. Brunel focuses on filling in those gaps. We supply a workforce with the expertise to meet project challenges.

We think along with you

Together, we can manage change, expansion and consolidation. Whatever complexities you face, call on us to simplify them. And our processes are built to be fast, flexible and reliable. Need a partner who can put out project fires? Here we are.

Our global network has local power

With an established presence in more than 40 countries around the world, Brunel can leverage the expertise of our international community. Additionally, we understand local customs, expectations, practices and regulations. We pass on our knowledge to provide your people with everything they need. So, wherever you operate in the world, you have a qualified, certified and embedded workforce. A workforce ready to perform.

Our heritage guides our future

While our roots are firmly planted in traditional Dutch trade, collaboration and entrepreneurship, we have steadily grown into a global company with strong international ties. We take pride in our ability to provide enterprising, ambitious and smart professionals that get the job done whilst honouring the principles upon which our company was founded. Want to learn more about our history?

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Brunel Energy Holding BV Ummendorf
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Project Service team
Brunel Energy Holding BV Kuala Lumpur
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Brunel Energy Holding BV Berlin
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HSE Team
Brunel Energy Holding BV Kuala Lumpur
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Lead Subcontract
Brunel Energy Holding BV Kuala Lumpur
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