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Instrumentation Engineer

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Jobs Available
$ 9,981.00 - 100,000.00/year

Roles Similar to Instrumentation Engineer

Instrumentation Engineer also qualify for the following roles. You should evaluate them to see if they are better fit for your financial and life style goals Update Career Goals

  • Controls Engineer
    $ 7,111.00 - 118,000.00/year
  • Senior Electrical Engineer
    $ 52,587.00 - 133,920.00/year
  • Instrumentation Technician (Architecture And Engineering)
    $ 47,806.00 - 100,958.00/year
  • Design Engineer (Architecture And Engineering)
    $ 8,663.00 - 110,000.00/year
  • Systems Engineer (Architecture And Engineering)
    $ 49,375.00 - 135,402.00/year

    Develop information technology solutions and employ proactive strategies to address infrastructural computing needs of an organization. Typically requires monitoring network systems, troubleshooting and solving technical matters, and implementing data backup and system security best practices.

  • Process Engineer
    $ 34,439.00 - 155,482.00/year
  • Project Engineer (Architecture And Engineering)
    $ 15,099.00 - 124,925.00/year

    Engineering: Apply mathematical and scientific knowledge to design and ensure safe construction of buildings and equipment. Typical duties include coordinating with other construction-related parties, planning and scheduling projects, establishing inspection criteria, implementing strategies, and reviewing project execution. Strong focus on building safety codes and guidelines. May need to interact with clients. Architecture: Apply artistic, mathematical, and scientific concepts to design aesthetically appealing buildings or structures based on client needs and budget. Requires creating design plans manually and with the use of computer-aided design software, reading and interpretating technical documents, collaborating with contractors and engineers.

  • Lead Electrical Engineer
    $ 7,561.00 - 123,770.00/year
  • Instrument Designer
    $ 53,568.00 - 149,760.00/year
  • Automation Engineer
    $ 40,643.00 - 111,000.00/year

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