1. By means of regular inspection and work surveillance, ensure that Foster Wheeler supervision and construction contractor staff are in receipt of the latest revision Approved for Construction (AFC) drawings, procedures, specifications, purchase orders, requisitions etc. Ensure review and proper control of changes brought about by TQ’s, ARN’s, FI’s etc.
2. Ensure that all non-conformances in his responsibility area are reported. Ensure that the related Corrective Action Reports are cleared.
3. Ensure that all concessions and deviations are approved before they are acted upon
4. Verify that copies of the chemical and physical test certificates for materials which require such documentation, are available.
5. Work in close co-operation with the Insulation Supervisor assigned to the same responsibility area.
6. Review the Subcontractors Inspection and Test Plan and the Quality Control Records for his specific responsibility area.
7. Ensure that the Subcontractor sets up an insulation storage system that is auditable.
8. Liaise with the Painting Inspector on release of pipework for insulation.
9. Ensure insulation supports are fitted on vertical lines.
10. Ensure that the Subcontractor issues the Inspection and Test Plan for his specific responsibility area
11. Ensure compliance with the Inspection and Test Plan after review and comment by Foster wheeler and Company
12. Ensure that all inspection notifications are advised to Company 24 hours before time of inspection.
13. Maintain records of inspection notifications to Company.
14. Review Inspection and Test Plans for compliance with the Project Specification, at the request of the discipline QC Engineer
15. Ensure that the Subcontractor holds all work activities at hold points until the Company has checked the hold point and signed it off.
16. In conjunction with the Subcontractor’s Inspector ensure all inspections are carried out and signed off progressively.
17. Ensure all Quality Control Records are filed.
18. Check with Commission that all tightness testing is complete before starting cold insulation.
19. Ensure that the off sets are installed in the slab insulation as per the Project procedures.
20. Ensure that vapour barrier is inspected and approved before cladding work starts.
21. Ensure any modifications to Works are recorded on ‘as-built’ drawings.
22. Assist in the audits carried out on the construction site organisation by the Project Quality Assurance Manager.
23. In conjunction with the Turnover Engineer, ensure all QC Inspection and Test Reports are agreed with the Client prior to undertaking any field inspections.
24. In conjunction with the Turnover Engineer, ensure that the quality records for work are progressively accumulated, indexed and available to support a phased systematic acceptance and handover of the insulation to the Client/Operator. These records must be maintained as ready for audit at all times throughout the project until initial acceptance.

1. Ensure that cold insulation is installed in accordance with the design requirements, the Site Quality Plan, contractor’s method statements, and inspection and test plans.
2. Primary responsibility is to ensure that the quality of the cold insulation work within the area of responsibility complies with the project specification, as reflected in the relevant Inspection and Test Plan.
3. Secondary responsibility is to support the Subcontractor Supervisors in the supervision of the works, including but not limited to HSE issues, cost effective works execution, etc.
4. Monitor and ensure that a comprehensive record of documentation and certification of cold insulation work is maintained and assist in the satisfactory handover of the completed plant to the Client.

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