Excellent opportunity to work for a growing Midstream, Chemicals, Refining Operator in a lead capacity. Working at the largest refinery in the companies portfolio, the primary function for this position is to provide technical leadership for Distilling, Coking, Coker Naphtha Hydrotreating, Sulfur Plant and Waste Water Treatment

• Supervise and mentor the 5 unit process engineers that provide day-to-day support to the crude units, cokers,coker naphtha hydrotreaters, sulfur plants, waste water treatment plant and supporting utilities systems. Arrange cross training among these engineers. Provide backfill when required.
• Assist the unit process engineers in monitoring key unit performance variables to help ensure the units are operating within their design parameters.
• Attend process engineering and operations meetings to proactively identify issues and lead efforts to resolve them.
• Identify, design, and implement top opportunities (Real Margin Improvements) for both short- and long-term improvements in unit operations. Review Solomon submittals for accuracy. Assess Solomon opportunities.
• Assist in identifying Environmental Operating Limits. Review environmental exceedances.
• Establish relationships with other Refinery locations and Head Office Support. Use these contacts to learn, share and implement best practices.
• Establish working relationships with the operations team members including operations supervisors, operators, reliability engineers, instrument engineers, DCS engineers, corrosion engineer, maintenance, etc. Learn from their experience as well as teach them new information.
• Provide lead role to develop and manage key reliability initiatives.
• Perform incident investigations.
• Perform troubleshooting to solve the most challenging operational issues.
• Lead role in energy improvement initiatives.
• Monitor the performance of process chemical vendors used by operations.
• Participate in safety and environmental reviews as needed. Review PHA recommendations. Review Management of Change items.
• Identify, prioritize and support projects in the area. Will typically be a key process support for smaller projects, and will provide overview and technical assurance role for larger projects.
• Support unit turnarounds including worklist identification/justification, overview of turnaround procedures, and equipment inspection.
• Develop a training program for unit process engineers.


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