The Mechanical Services Business Development (BD) Manager will provide primary customer contact for all project work. This position will make consistent, scheduled contact with our present and prospective customer base. Projects will be monitored, discussed, and quoted with our customer base to secure future business for our department. This will include work performed at our Mechanical/Electrical Shop inLafayette,Louisianaas well as any offsite Mechanical/Electrical work being performed for our customers in the field. This person will also assist our department in the proper billing of the above mentioned projects. Post-Mortem reviews are performed to ensure the work being performed was completed on time and within budgeted costs.


  • This position is responsible for the day-to-day contact with our customers. Our customer base needs to be consistently communicated with to make sure we know what their needs are and ensure they offer us an opportunity to perform work for them. This position will develop and use a systematic approach to stay in contact with our customer base. Perform office and field site visits to stay involved with what is happening in our client’s world of activities.
  • When an opportunity is discovered, this person will break the proposed work into sections divided by the different areas of expertise needed to perform the work. Each Supervisor responsible for a particular discipline will provide the BD Manager with estimates of Labor and Material costs for their group’s work. The BD Manager will then combine all the individual department quotes into the complete bid.
  • If WG PSN is successful in being awarded the work, the BD Manager becomes the “single-point contact” for the customer during the project. Any questions about the project, regardless of the nature, will be funnelled through the BD Manager. There are times that direct communication needs to happen between the customer and the Shop Services Manager or the different discipline Supervisors. There is no problem with this happening but, for consistency sake, the main contact will be the BD Manager.
  • If during the course of a project, a need arises to make changes to the “scope of the job” by either adding or subtracting from an original job scope, an official “Change Order” must be produced to ensure all parties are in agreement to the proposed adjustments. The BD Manager will be responsible for the communication with the customer, document the adjustments, ensure we have the customer’s agreement in writing (email or actual signature), and communicate the changes to the workforce by way of producing the appropriate “Change Order” form.
  • When a customer awards WG PSN a project, the BD Manager notifies the Shop Services Manager of the successful bid. The team will then work together to allocate personnel and resources to ensure the completion of the project on time and within budget. Daily activity meetings are held with all responsible parties to ensure this happens. If problems do occur (i.e. –time delays, vendor delays, unforeseen problems, etc.), the BD Manager, along with the Shop Services Manager (and possible Specialty Supervisors), will contact the customer and discuss the delays as they occur in an effort to keep all parties informed. Any adjustments to committed deadlines will be determined and agreed upon with the customer at that time. These conversations and agreements will be documented.
  • When a customer’s project is complete, the BD Manager will assist the Billing Specialist with the correct invoicing. Any changes or adjustments, up or down, from the original quotation will be communicated at this time to ensure an accurate billing to the customer. If a customer has a concern with an invoice, the BD Manager will take the lead role in resolving the concern.
  • After a project is complete and the billing has been sent to the customer, the BD Manager and the Shop Services Manager will jointly lead the review of the job to see if we were successful in meeting our committed timelines and profit margins. If we “missed the mark” on any portion of the job, either timing or material costs, solutions will be discussed with the appropriate personnel and our future bidding will be adjusted accordingly.

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