• Assist the EPC Quality Lead in the preparation of the QC Surveillance Plan related to the EPC Contractor's Fabrication Yard scope of work.
• Assist the EPC Quality Lead in the preparation of the Fabrication Yard audit and monitoring plan.
• Assist the QA/QC team to review the Fabrication Yard QA/QC Documentation, e.g. QMS, Quality Plan, ITP, QA/QC Procedures, etc.
• Manage the implementation of the EPC Contractor's approved Quality Plan, ITP, Inspection & Test Procedures to be executed during Yard Fabrication and attend all witness and hold points during inspection/testing activities.
• Manage the flow of QA/QC records during the implementation of Fabrication yard activities.
• Perform regular surveillance of critical QA/QC processes on the yard e.g. welding & NDT activities etc.
• Provide all necessary coaching and support to project QA/QC Inspectors to ensure that all inspection and testing activities with "Hold and Witness Points" are attended and any issues arising are resolved expediently and efficiently.
• Monitor the performance of the EPC Contractor's QA/QC staff during the implementation of the approved ITP during Fabrication Yard activities and initiate corrective action, as required.
• Participate in the implementation of the Project Audit/Surveillance Program for the EPC Contractor's organization and Vendors/Sub-contractors for all Fabrication Yard activities.
• Conduct final QA/QC audit/surveillance monitoring of each fabricated module prior to load-out/shipping and issue close-out report.
• Issue and follow up on Non Conformance Reports (NCR), Corrective Action Requests (CARs) and Preventive Action Requests (PARs) raised as a result of monitoring and auditing EPC Contractor's activities.
• Report on Key Performance Indicators resulting from Fabrication Yard monitoring/auditing activities.
• Interface with Project key stakeholders involved in the EPC Contractor's scope of work during Yard Fabrication activities and ensure Project Quality objectives are met.
• Develop or assist in the development of specific Fabrication Yard QA/QC procedures as required and ensure that procedures for Specialist Third Party Service Providers are not implemented until approved by Project.


• Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
• Minimum of 10 years of relevant experience in Quality supervision working in the oil and gas industry or related Process Industries.
• Experienced in surveillance activities and TPI co-ordination.
• Good written and verbal communication skills.
• Good teamwork and interpersonal skills.
• Knowledge of relevant international codes and standards.
• Ability to make independent judgments and decisions in the resolution of Quality issues.
• Experience with contractors and suppliers and ability to manage related Interfaces.

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